Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Athena Marcous’ Potentially Dire Draperies

Athena Marcous’ Potentially Dire Draperies: Object Post 79

Source? The wardrobe master produced them
Significance? Looking dire in draperies was one reason Athena didn’t want to be in the play Zeus Nods
Fate? Presumably they went back into the wardrobe collection
Author’s inspiration? I’ve always loved theatre stories
Appeared in? Will Alexander Nod? (2002)

“Just twirl on and off in draperies.”

Athena Marcous was stuck in Adelaide while her parents went off to Perth. That was bad enough, but Aunt Melina was stage-struck. She was involved in a play called Zeus Nods and she insisted Athena had to be involved as well.
Which was all very well, but Athena was sure she’d look dire in draperies. The only bright side was that some people, including the Adelaide Greek boy Alexander Kirk-Papadopoulis who kept telling her tall stories in rehearsals, would look even more dire.

“You’d look really dire in draperies,” she said, without turning.
“Everyone looks really dire in draperies,” said the boy.

At least the tall stories kept her somewhat entertained and as it turned out, she wore a long tunic rather than actual draperies. However…

Alexander’s costume was a tunic and sandals. Athena was disappointed that he wasn’t dire in draperies.

Athena, Alexander and the potentially dire draperies appear in Will Alexander Nod?


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