Monday 24 September 2018

Flax Lilykicker's UN-vitation

Flax Lilykicker's UN-vitation. Object Post 103

Source? Miss Kisses sent it
Significance? It emphasised how out of place Flax was in the Academy of Sweetness
Fate? Who knows? Maybe the dog-fae ate it.
Appeared in? Flax the Feral Fairy

“Out of the way!” bawled Flax as a fat, grumpy bluebird swooped towards her.
“Lassie, do you know–” the hags began.
Flax picked up Butterfly’s second-best slipper and threw it at Maggie’s head. “Go away, you clackety slopper!”
The bluebird dropped the envelope and flew away with an angry twitter. “Come back!” howled Flax. “Give me that invitation, or I’ll use your claws to comb my hair!”
Auld Anni picked up the envelope the bird had dropped and opened it. “Miss Kisses informs Flax Lilykicker that she is not—”
Flax threw a hairbrush at Anni. “That’s my invitation, you tatty old haggis!” She jumped out the window, snatched the card from Anni and raced away.

Flax Lilykicker was a bad fairy. That wasn’t her fault. It was just what she was. The purpose of bad fairies was to keep humans on their toes. Unfortunately, Flax had somehow or other ended up in Miss Kisses’ Academy of Sweetness For Little Fairies. It was not a good place for Flax. Three water hags discovered her there and decided to rescue her and place her in Hags’ Abademy of Badness where she could fulfill her potential.
Just as they attempted to make contact, Miss Kisses’ bluebirds delivered invitations to the little fairies for a party to celebrate Butterfly Cloudsinger’s Seal of Sweetness.
Only for some reason, Flax’s invitation was a different colour.

Then Flax saw the food.
“Gooseberry tartlets!” she moaned. “Hazelnut truffles with jelly! Yum!”
Petal popped out her head from the Pink Pavilion. “Flax, you’re missing the butter suckers! They’re yummy.”
Flax dived into the Pavilion, and grabbed a sugar pop. Her fingers closed on air.
She snatched a bowl of blackberry flummery fool. It shivered and shimmered and turned to mist in her mouth.
When she lunged for a butter sucker, her favourite sticky treat, it bounced away.
Butterfly floated down and took the green invitation from Flax’s pocket. She read it aloud. “‘Miss Kisses informs Flax Lilykicker that she is not invited to the Party Pavilion to celebrate Butterfly’s Seal of Sweetness. She should not arrive at five past eleven, and she will not enjoy gooseberry tartlets, hazelnut truffles, sugar pops, butter suckers, and blackberry flummery fool with the rest of Daisy Dorm.’”
There was a shocked silence, then Butterfly giggled.
“What’s so funny?” said Flax.
“Miss Kisses is sooo funny,” said Butterfly. “She sent you an un-vitation!”
Flax snatched Butterfly’s wand and trampled it under her rat-heeled boots.

This piece of gratuitous but understandable bad behaviour resulted in Flax receiving the ultimate punishment for a bad fairy. She was pinked.
Fortunately, after several chapters of mayhem Flax did end up where she should have been all along if only she hadn’t lost her temper with the hags.

Flax Lilykicker and her un-vitation appear in Flax the Feral Fairy


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