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Sam Silver's Fuchsia Mini

Sam Silver's Fuchsia Mini: Object Post 31

Source? Sam acquired it from a charity shop
Significance?  Sam wears it to confuse and confront
Fate? Most likely in someone's dress-up box
First Appearance? Sam and the Sylvan
Author's Inspiration? A ruched dress I once tried on

At thirty-five, Sam Silver looks like a teenaged boy, and not in a good way.  She was living hand-to-mouth, trying to find a home and a job, and resenting the difficulties.
Determined to be accepted on her own terms, Sam pushes it by refusing to back down or make compromises. The fuchsia mini (ruched, no less) is one of her ways of waving an emphatic finger at the world.
When she meets Peck Grene and his fiancee, Chloe in a pub, it's a confrontation all round. Sam resents the couple for their happiness, while Peck just tries to work her out. Peck is sensitive to colour and beauty, which is one reason he so loves Chloe, and he just can't help staring at Sam.

She stowed the computer in a backpack and shrugged it on. How did a backpack equate with a handbag? And why in the name of the original forest was she wearing a short, tight dress in that shade under her mannish coat and above those heavy boots? Peck tried to work out what colour it was. Chartreuse? Cerise? Magenta? No, surely chartreuse was a shade of yellowy-green. Fuchsia. That was it. A peculiarly harsh hue on the purple side of pink. It looked horrible with her drab pale skin, which should have been café au lait but just missed it. And ruched.

Later on, he's still trying to figure it out...

“This wasn’t my idea,” Sam reminded, folding her long hands in her lap. Her coat hung open, and the fuchsia mini had hiked up, showing an unnerving expanse of thigh. She looked like a precocious teenaged boy in drag and Peck felt another flash of fellow feeling. Most people assumed he was a decade younger than he was, but in Sam’s case, it was more like two decades. She accentuated the impression, maybe subconsciously, by turning in her heavily-booted toes.

Later, still, life looks up for Sam and she no longer needs to confront and shock. So that's the story of the fuchsia mini.

You can read about the mini in Sam and the Sylvan.

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