Thursday 26 July 2018

Cat Mahal's Wishy-Washy Top

Cat Mahal's Wishy-Washy Top: Object Post 53

Source? It was originally an ordinary top
Significance? After being left on a clothesline for a month it was revived by one of Elizabeth’s herbal washing balls
Fate? Cat wears it often and probably always will
Author’s inspiration? I’ve had a few “pet shirts” in my time, notably one with green treefrogs on it
First appearance? The Peacock’s Pearl

My wishy-washy top is the softest thing ever, like wearing a pure cotton cloud.

Cat Mahal is a practising ethical witch, loosely and unofficially apprenticed to her 5Xgreat grandmother kind-of-dead Elizabeth Frith Larssen. She is also a teenager, which means she’s subject to the whims and practical rulings of her determinedly un-witchy mother, Cordelia. That was how she came to leave her favourite top on the washing line for a month, which nearly did for it.
I indicated my ripped jeans and favourite top. The top used to be a vibrant purple, but it faded to a kind of wishy-washy blackberry stain colour last summer after I rinsed it out and hung it on the line just before we went to Lake Bunji for a month. (It was Mum’s roster at the Bunji Gardens. I wanted to stay at home with Elizabeth and Tish-Tash, but Mum wouldn’t have it. She said Elizabeth was too irresponsible to mind me for a month, but she’d be fine minding Tish-Tash. Personally, I think Tash probably minded Elizabeth…)
I missed Tash heaps and maybe I missed Elizabeth a bit.
When I got back the top was still on the line and it was as stiff as sandpaper. Mum said I ought to bin it, but Elizabeth said it was salvageable if I washed it (gently, mind you, Catharina!) with one of her herbal washing balls.
She was right. My wishy-washy top is the softest thing ever, like wearing a pure cotton cloud. It always smells good, too, and no matter what I do with it, it never rips or get dirty. Now if I could just fix the colour to something more attractive than faded-blackberry-stain…

Cat wears the top on her first venture along the moonstone way.
When it cleared, I realised I was still standing in the usual Elizabeth’s kitchen wearing my familiar over my shoulders like a comforting purr-fur shawl and a crystal amulet cool against the front of my blackberry-stain shirt. I had the glowing ball of light that was Lucy the gypsy’s gazing ball held out in front of me and, as I focused on the ugly peacock again, a ribbon of pale light extruded from the gazing ball and fell across the floor. I saw it extending on and on, pushing out like the sliding top of one of those wooden pencil cases, or a horror-movie frog tongue or pasta coming out of a roller.
What is? I began but I knew what it was really. This was the Moonstone Way.

Her favourite top ought to be comforting, but she soon finds the moonstone way has its own idea about how a young witch ought to be dressed, and it doesn’t include wishy-washy tops.

I grabbed with both hands, because it wasn’t my hair (unless it had grown a lot and gone blue) and the shirt under it wasn’t my soft blackberry-stain Elizabethed shirt (unless it had shrunk a lot, grown tight sleeves and dropped its neckline).
It is a peculiar feeling to find you’ve changed your clothes and your hair without intending to.

Cat Mahal’s wishy-washy top appears in The Peacock’s Pearl. Buy it here. (or contact me at sallybyname(AT)gmail(DOT)com for a PDF or ebook review copy.)


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