Friday, 6 July 2018

Genevieve Watson's Pink Socks

Genevieve Watson's Pink Socks: Object Post 33

Source? Presumably bought by her mother
Significance? The socks coloured Jade’s and Emily’s opinion of her
Fate? Genevieve continued to wear them
Author’s inspiration? I do remember judging children by what they wore if I perceived it as ‘girly’.
First appearance? Just Like Emily

Jade’s ambition is to be just like her friend Emily, and she mostly achieves this. She and Emily do almost everything together. Emily takes the lead, because she has the best ideas. The two of them share attitudes and opinions. One of these is that they despise pink socks. They never wear them, and they can’t understand why anyone else would. But someone does… Genevieve Watson wears pink socks.
When Emily starts ballet lessons, Jade is left behind as her parents can’t afford to send her too. Emily is now friends with the girls in ballet class and who is left for Jade? Enter Genevieve Watson, pink socks and all… Once Jade comes to look beyond her pink prejudice, she discovers Genevieve is fun… and better still, she provides a chance for Jade to sometimes take the lead. And – whisper it – these days, pink doesn’t seem so bad. Emily wears – wait for it – a pink leotard.
Genevieve Watson and her pink socks appear in Just Like Emily.


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