Saturday 30 June 2018

Titles for Teg

Titles for Teg Names and Naming Post 15 

When I started writing the Fairy in the Bed series, I dealt with just one kind of fay. As
the series expanded, I brought in more. To justify having them different (they're all fay or fairies, but many of them categorise themselves beyond that) I came up with naming systems to suit each group.
Part of the fun, if not making up the names from scratch, lies in adapting existing names and finding enough that fit recognisably into a culture.

The teg haven't featured a great deal in the Fairy in the Bed series yet. Teg, like braefolk, are similar to humans in appearance. They often have dark hair and dark eyes and tend to be quiet. Much of their talent lies in music and a lot of them work in the arts.

The only named teg to appear so far are Seren Starsinger, an ancestor of Eileen o’ the Mist who is otherwise leprechaun, and Eileen’s manifestation, Elen, who is pure teg and who fancies leprechauns. A teg girl dances with Roderick Skipton at the midsummer ball. Her name, although not given in that book, is Owena Darkeyes. Like the leprechauns, teg use surnames of convenience, which they choose themselves. Some of them adopt a family name, but others choose something more poetic.

The Fairy in the Bed series is showcased at Larksinger while the books can be purchased from the publisher.

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