Saturday, 23 June 2018

Olive Greenhands

Olive Greenhands   Character Post 64

Olive is an ogre girl who lives in the Kingdom. Her best friends are Pearl the unicorn and Tweet the firebird. Olive is immensely strong, immensely capable and immensely cheerful. She eats a lot, and is equipped with an ogre-nose for sniffing out food and long ogre-arms for detaching it. She's not fussy. If there's nothing else about she'll chomp on a pine cone.
Olive loves pretty things. She wears a simple dress, but she likes to wear flowers or feathered hats. She's boisterous and noisy, but so goodhearted her friends love her.
She has a small boat she calls her ogre-boat, and loves to bop in time with a song as she paddles about. If you need a friend with feet as big as her heart and a voice that could drop a villain at twenty paces, you could do a lot worse than Olive Greenhands. She'll even throw in an *

To perform an ogre-hug, open your arms, rush towards your friend with a roar, fling the arms around the friend and squeeeeze. Better ask permission first, though.

Olive Greenhands appears in Pearl the Magical Unicorn, Pearl the Flying Unicorn and Pearl the Proper Unicorn... all coming soon.

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