Tuesday 19 June 2018

Cornelia Conti's Canary Plant

Cornelia Conti's Canary Plant: Object Post 28

Source? It came from the new colony of Juno
Significance? It was an alien plant performing two familiar tasks
Fate? It’s probably still in the Outward-Bound office
Author’s inspiration? It seemed a good idea at the time…
First appearance? Elysian Dawn

A canary plant in the room gave early warning of pollutants, but that was not deemed sufficient.

The canary plant was kept in the Outward- Bound office, which was situated in a high-rise on 23rd Century Terra. It sat quietly in a pot and had been there for some time. It didn’t actively belong to Cornelia Conti, but there’s a good chance she was the one who watered it.

Then her gaze landed on a flowerpot. It was an actual physical flowerpot with an actual physical plant, a purple furry canary plant, native to Juno in the Spiral System. It had risen to instant fame as a visual proof of air purity. Any pathogen or corrosive or pollutant in the air made the canary plant blush a virulent magenta and raise its leaves as if in horror. It sat in perfectly cheerful lavender peace right now, but it was indubitably in a flowerpot.

Cornelia has been looking for something hidden in the office; something traditionally hidden in accessible but not-immediately-visible places. She decides the canary plant might well be hiding a secret, and she’s right.

The Junoese canary plant plays a small but useful part in Elysian Dawn. It’s a visual symbol of the future and is in fact the first alien life form encountered in the series. It’s also an interesting example of nomenclature. Since there’s no life of higher-intelligence on Juno before its settlement, the plant was named by Terrans for its useful attribute once carried out by mine canaries.

The picture (obviously) isn't of the canary plant... it looks like a purple maple leaf to me. The canary plant appears in Elysian Dawn.

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