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The One and Only Jasper B Jarman

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The One and Only Jasper B Jarman (2016) Post 152

The One and Only Jasper B Jarman is an ebook I put out under my own name.

Jasper is sure he's the one and only Jasper B Jarman, so who is the kid who looks like him and who wants to get him into trouble?

Have you ever daydreamed about having an identical twin? I never did. Why should I?
 Then one day my friend Sage said, “Hey Jasper B… guess what?”
 “What?” I said.
 “No, really. Guess what?”
 “You made the footie team?”
 “As if. No, Mum saw you in the mall yesterday when you were meant to be at the doctor’s having a flu jab.”
“Impossible,” I said. “I was at the doctor’s having a flu jab. Ask my sister.”
“Is that true Ju-Ju?” asked Sage.
“Yep,” said my sister. “I was there. I should know.”
Sage frowned. “Mum was sure it was you. You were up on top of the climbing fort in front of Kath-Kay Furnishings. Must have been your double.”
I laughed gently.  “There is just one Jasper B Jarman in the world, and that’s quite enough.”

Jasper is confident and ever so slightly smug...and the last person you'd expect to be involved in a grand conspiracy. What's going on?

Cheap as chips, as ebooks tend to be, this one was written and published for fun. If you fancy a conspiracy theory with your coffee break, you can buy it HERE

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