Thursday, 8 June 2017

Syd and the Bad Example

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Syd and the Bad Example (1999) Post 159

Syd and the Bad Example is another of the Olympic Mascot stories about Syd, Millie and Ollie. In this one, Syd is the main character. The complication with these books was in making the mascots' activities relevant to the theme while not referring directly to any athlete. The story begins with Millie calling a Mascot Meeting. Syd is in a hurry, training with the swimmers. Ollie is off to New Zealand and Milllie just wants to get her computer work done. After swimming training, Syd races off to train with the marathon runners, and then hastens off to inspire the long jump people. He is disappointed with his long jump performance and remains after the athletes have gone to practise some more. Millie and Ollie find him slumped in an exhausted sleep (in fact, they fall over him) and the story then deals with the problem of over-training. Mission accomplished!

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