Monday, 12 June 2017

The Hoop Snake

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The Hoop Snake (2001) Post 163

The Hoop Snake is the story of Charles, a newly-arrived "pommy new chum" and Aussie Greg, who entertains himself by winding Charles up with tall tales of school and the mythical hoop snake. Charles gets his revenge, but regrets it and puts things right.

The story is set in the 1950s, which is just beyond my memory. Although I can't remember the '50s, I remember the aftermath. Our desks at school had holes for the inkwells used just a few years previously, people still talked about pommies, new chums, New Australians, since the war, and going home. I never did write with a pen nib, but a few of them lingered at home in drawers along with hair ribbons, odd buttons and fuse wire. As for the hoop snake, old timers still used that as a leg-pull. It was a time of the wireless, hard school shoes, Orlon cardigans and petticoats. So, although I cannot remember the 1950s, I remember its reflection...

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