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Bathing Beauty

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Bathing Beauty (2000) Post 176

Bathing Beauty is about Nick and Rosa, who agree to mind their neighbour Mrs Teo's cat while she'd away. It's an easy enough job; all they have to do is to feed Beauty, clean her litter tree and make sure she's shut in the house. The two are feeling smug until the day of Mrs Teo's return, when everything goes a bit pear-shaped.

This story, written under my Patrick Farrell pen name, employs a knowing narrator who points out that a plot point wouldn't be mentioned if it wasn't important and that if everything went well there would be no story.

Mum sends a jar of fresh jam for Mrs Teo. Naturally, Nick unscrews it to sniff the sweet scent. Naturally Beauty trips him up. Naturally the jam goes all over Beauty. The children try to wipe her clean and then have a go at bathing her, with predictable results. Beauty runs away and hides.

The kids clear up as well as they can and try to find the cat but Mrs Teo returns. Of course Beauty reappears right away... nice and clean, having taken care of the problem in her own feline fashion.

Yes, I did once try to wash a cat. It wasn't easy.

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