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Millie and the Stopped Watch

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Millie and the Stopped Watch (1999) Post 155

Millie and the Stopped Watch is one of nine titles in the Olympic Mascot series which I wrote as a commission. Millie's name represents "Millennium", just as Syd's is for "Sydney" and Ollie for "Olympic". This particular story begins with Millie using Syd's stopwatch to time her friend's training run. It isn't working well, and Millie tries, and fails, to fix it, musing on needing to use good tools to get good results. She encounters two young athletes, one of whom is having problems mastering cartwheels and whose human coach is ill. Millie coaches her, and she wins her contest, thereby earning sporting equipment for her school. The young athlete is necessarily a school child, because obviously I couldn't write about athletes who really did compete in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Millie assistance is acknowledged and the human coach offers her a reward for stepping in to help. Millie rejects this idea, but the humans persist, and so Millie asks for a new stopwatch. 

Seventeen years down the track, this little series is still kicking about. I believe it is still used in schools when a new Olympic Games is imminent.

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