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Kallie Fetches the Dragon

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Kallie Fetches the Dragon (1998) Post 177

Kallie Fetches the Dragon is one of a pair of stories about Kallie, the fisherman's daughter who becomes a wizard's apprentice. (The other one is Kallie and the Fishermen.)

In this story, Kallie is established as the wizard's youngest apprentice. The chimney is smoking and the wizard is raging because his dinner is underdone. Pol, a senior apprentice, sends Kallie to fetch the wizard's dragon for roasting duties. It's not as easy as it sounds, as Kallie first has to find the dragon and then persuade it to come away from the harbour where it is eating salmon. This she does in her own innovative fashion, involving the underdone meat, a fishing rod and the old donkey and carrot-on-a-stick trick. The wizard is so pleased he gives Kallie a promotion.

I was intrigued to find what seemed to be a third Kallie book; one called Kallie, the Wizard's Apprentice. I ordered a copy and discovered it was a foreign edition of Kallie Fetches the Dragon. It's always odd to find one's name on a book one can't recall writing.

The illustrations were done by Pat Reynolds. Below is one of the lovely interior pictures. That would grace a trade picture book, don't you think?

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