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Animal Twist

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Animal Twist (2016) Post 151
Animal Twist is an ebook I put out under the pen name of Flora May. It consists of three animal stories with a twist!

In Q-Quest, a roguish robot goes hunting for an animal that ought to be extinct. It opens with...Q-QUEST-2 was feeling naughty. The Q-series robots were not supposed to be naughty. They weren’t even supposed to be self-aware. The fact that this one was both was probably the fault of a Zoo-Lab programmer in a hurry to leave for lunch... which sort of sets the tone for the whole tale. The story has fun with quaggas and quokkas.

In deR xoF, a pretty der xof plays with a vengeful farmer and some rabbits. This one has a truly enigmatic opening line, but it can be worked out with a little thought. It's a mad moonlight dance of a story; one of those that practically writes itself.

Twenty Thousand Termites introduces Daisy the numbat, who encounters some creatures she vaguely remembers. It's told through her consciousness.

All three stories are written in an eccentric style, and all play with unexpected forms of storytelling. They offer something utterly different from most animal stories for kids and indeed they're not exactly kids' stories, although there's nothing unsuitable in them.

Cheap as chips, as ebooks tend to be, this one was written and published for fun. If you fancy some eccentricity with your morning tea or coffee, you can buy it HERE
ISBN: 9781326590529

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