Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Monsters

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The Monsters (2001) Post 173

The Monsters is the story of the First Fleet's arrival in Botany Bay as recounted by an old kangaroo. As he rests on his tail in the sun, he recalls his young days, when he was not long from the pouch. His mother taught him to listen to the Old Man, his father, and together they told him the things a joey needs to know to survive. Watch out for the fast ones, the two-legs, the wild one and the bitter water... The old man didn't warn the joey about the monsters that came on the great white wings. Soon there was nothing left to do but to move far away from the new danger. Now the storyteller is old, and he wonders if the monsters are still at the cove.
This little story was an exercise in telling a story from an unexpected angle. All things are relative, and for every settler despairing of losing food to the local wildlife, there's an equally discombobulated kangaroo whose life has been upset.

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  1. This is certainly an interesting way to show history to young students from a new angle.

  2. I always like looking at things from different perspectives


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