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The Lion in the Night

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The Lion in the Night (1997) Post 164

The Lion in the Night is the story of Emma who goes to stay with Grandpa, who knows everything. At the zoo, Grandpa can answer Emma's questions. Emma is proud of her educated ancestor. That night, Emma thinks of the polar bear and the lion and suddenly-she hears the lion roaring in the night. It must have followed her home!

Grandpa, when appealed to, can't hear the lion and now neither can Emma. Emma goes back to bed. The lion roars again. Grandpa helps Emma check the house and garden, but the lion is elusive.
The next time Emma hears the lion she realises the sound is coming from Grandpa's room.
A pair of earmuffs solves that little problem.
One thing I remember about this story is that it was about a boy named Toby, but an editor changed Toby into Emma. This kind of thing quite often used to happen in publishing. The weirdest occasion concerned Bob's Gone, which was published as Bobbi's Gone (2002 - Post 12).

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