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Aurora (1995) Post 179

Aurora is the story of Aurora Quinn, who lives with her family on an island. The Quinns live a happy and placid life, but now in her teens, Aurora is beginning to feel the isolation. There's not much she can do about it though, as it's for her benefit that the family live where they do.
Aurora is adopted--unofficially. It's lucky Polly, her Mum, has some slightly shady contacts, because otherwise Aurora would exist, officially. She was found in a crashed UFO, and Polly and her husband, en route to a new home, simply gathered her up and arrived there as an instant family. Aurora is "pretty much" human, but there is one thing she finds it increasingly difficult to hide. She weighs far, far more than any human her size. Therefore, she is unable to swim.

All is well until Cousin Josh arrives unexpectedly on the island. He remembers his aunt and uncle vaguely, and as far as he can work out, they shouldn't have a child Aurora's age. He makes it his business to discover what his cousins are hiding.

Aurora began life as a short story about a girl named Ariel who couldn't float. The idea came to me because my great aunt could float far more effectively than most people, (so can I for that matter) and I wondered if there were people who were the reverse. Then, one night my husband took me out to look at the aurora and remarked casually that the lights messed up radio waves. I wondered what that might do to a UFO. I put the two ideas together and wrote a novel called UFO. I thought that was a catchy title, but the editor preferred Aurora, and I think she was right as, after all, the story focuses on the characters.

I'm fond of Aurora, and used her story to explore privacy, need-to-know, and the effect having a "different" sibling has on the others in the family.

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