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Munch on That

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Munch on That (2001) Post 154

Munch on That was originally (I think) called "Biscuits" but as with many stories, the title was changed during the publication process. The plot is based on something that really happened, although I don't remember the exact details. There was something in our kitchen that kept on turning up in a different place. It wasn't the only thing: I suspect many people have a certain item that they can't exactly identify but which hangs about for years. (In our case it was a clothes brush and a single drumstick. No. I have no idea why either.)

In Munch on That, the floating object was a recipe book. The characters decide to make up one of the recipes and they could never afterwards recall what the ingredients were. The biscuits turned out to be inedible, but everyone sound interesting uses for them... even Dogster, whose fascination with Mum's biscuit windchimes kept him quiet.

Dogster, by the way, was named long before I knew of the website of that name, and may even have predated it.

The story ends with everyone wanting more of the weirdly-useful biscuits but being unable to find the "floating" recipe book. Never mind. It's bound to turn up somewhere.

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