Friday, 23 June 2017

A Crew for Captain Kate

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A Crew for Captain Kate (1998) Post 174

Captain Kate has everything a pirate could ever need, except for one thing, She has a ship, a parrot, a peg leg, an eye-patch, treasure maps and the will to maraud. What she lacks is a pirate crew. They've all retired from piracy and gone to join the navy.

The redoubtable Kate sales around a colourfully-appointed map seeking a new crew. Meanwhile, the kids of Chapter Town are busily preparing for their annual pirate picnic. Naturally, Captain Kate discovers one of their posters, whipped from the hands of the capable librarian Paige Turner (sorry) and gatecrashes the picnic. Kidnapping, rescues and explanations ensue, and Kate gives way to doleful tears.
A compromise is reached. Kate and the children will indulge is treasure hunting on Saturdays. The rest of the week, Kate will help Ms Turner in the library.

A Crew for Captain Kate is cheerfully illustrated by Marjory Gardner in her trademark brilliant colours. Ms Turner wears little dangling books as earrings. Who could resist that?

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