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Lucas is a Pest

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Lucas is a Pest (2001) Post 171

Lucas is a Pest is written under my Theo Georgiou pen name. It's told in emails, and is an updated version of the old told-in-penfriend-letters story. Eliza, from Canberra, is e-pals with Maggie from Denver in the US. Eliza tells of her family (especially her little brother Lucas, who is a pest), a visit to the War Memorial, and going to Anzac Day service. Maggie, who thinks it would be neat to have a little brother, responds with information about her pop's Maine Coon, Hiram, and the Fourth of July. Finally, each girl independently concludes the other is a thicko-dingbat because everyone knows what Anzac Day and the Fourth of July represent, and everyone knows how much fun/what a pain it is to have a little brother.
The technology in this one hasn't dated too badly, as I expect some kids still have e-pals. Eliza's visit to the War Memorial is based on one I made myself. I still remember how amazed I was to find that their memorial is a huge museum complex. Ours is a statue. The stuffed horse, cockatoo and not-really-stuffed rider, the four pictures (or is it one?) and the ease of losing oneself all reflect my experience. The puzzlement that people over the pond have no idea about our Anzac Day whereas we know about their Fourth of July also reflects my experience at the time. Hiram the cat reflects my interest in cats... I always loved the idea of a Maine Coon!

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