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Aunt Victoria's Monster

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Aunt Victoria's Monster (2001) Post 158

Aunt Victoria's Monster is one of two stories about Toby Juggins, his dad an Dad's sister, Aunt Victoria. Dad is sane, Toby is logical and Aunt Victoria is eccentric. In this story, Aunt Victoria's monster paintings are a hit. When she is invited on to Mimi Maxwell's talk-back show, Aunt Victoria tells the host and viewers that the monsters are real. Ridicule follows, and a developer finds a clue in one of the paintings and sets off to develop Monster Valley. Aunt Victoria and Toby set off to rescue Painty, the Paintbrush Monster, before the developer gets there. Things go from bad to worse when Painty refuses to be relocated because he's developed a taste for peppermints and Aunt Victoria's company... This story, now sixteen years old, is another in which the internet plays a part. Despite the problem of a camera which Aunt Victoria hasn't bothered to replace since Nessie ate it, this book hasn't dated as badly as some from that period. It has a nice little moral dilemma (is truth as important as safety? Should one tell the truth when it will do no good and indeed cause trouble?). It also appears to be a closet Bandinangi story. Bandinangi is never mentioned, but the name of the mayor, Mr Broggen, makes it probable that this is the same person as Villijicacki Broggen, the Hungarian Irishman from that series. Mind you, if it is him, he is hardly the person to bother about a monster in the garden. He owns a Great Dane cross called Hans Broggen and associates with the Archer family who are very odd indeed.

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  1. I love these stories about your books' backgrounds, Sally! I don't read all of them, but I always enjoy them when I do read them!

  2. Thanks, Carolyn:-) It's fun seeing what I do and don't remember


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