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Adventure Finds Alicia

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Adventure Finds Alicia (1998) Post 181

Adventure Finds Alicia is based (would you believe) on a true story. My dad, many years ago, was transporting a bull in a trailer (possibly a horse box) behind his car. He drove over a bridge and was off away on the other side when his passenger observed the bull was no longer with them. The trailer had worked loose. Dad backed up and reattached his bull and drove him home, but of course the published story is a bit more interesting than that. Alicia walks to school with her brother, and she's always on the look out for adventure. Is there a dinosaur in the park? What if that shadow is an elephant? Her brother opines there is no adventure in the city, and hurries her along. At the end of the street they part company to go to their respective schools but Alicia sees a willow tree making strange movements and goes to investigate.

She finds a cow, which has been left behind... being a responsible child she hastens to the nearest phone box (this is before every kid had a mobile!) and calls the police. She stays with the cow until help comes. Alicia decides that adventure can find you anywhere.

Cows do indeed enjoy eating willow leaves, so under a weeping willow is a likely place to find a straying cow.

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