Monday, 19 June 2017

The Lonely Dragon

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The Lonely Dragon (1997) Post 170

The Lonely Dragon is the story of a dragon who is, well, lonely! Most are afraid of him, and there are no others of his kind around. Wanting company, the dragon decides to visit the only other being he can think of who might be as lonely as he is; the king! As he approaches, asking to see the king, the gardeners, the guards and the household staff all flee. When he arrives in the throne room, the king receives him kindly, but regrets he has all the help he needs. To prove it, he calls his guards, gardeners and household staff but no one comes. The dragon happily takes on the role of defender (using his long sharp tail), gardener (using his dexterous claws) and housemaid (using his long beard as a duster and broom). The picture even shows him toasting the king's marshmallows!
I've always loved the pictures of this one; a kind a soft, rich pastel.

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