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Honey and the Harvest Hob

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Honey and the Harvest Hob (Post 145)

Honey and the Harvest Hob (2017) is the fourth story in the Fairy in the Bed series, written under one of my pen names. 

Honeycomb Bakewell considers her name clunky, and blames her parents and their sense of humour. The name is joke-bait for her so-witty classmates, but Honey has her own unique way of delivering set downs. At eighteen, Honey emancipates herself from her loving and, despite appearances, loved, parents and starts work. At twenty-six she engages herself to a widowed sculptor who likes to consider himself avant-guarde. On the day of her wedding, Honey experiences the first real failure of her charmed life. In the aftermath, she flings her engagement ring over the church roof, slams her mobile into smithereens on the church floor and sets off into her alarming and uncharted future on a honeymoon for one.

Honey and the Harvest Hob is fantasy. It's a saucy romance with comedy and pathos and a cranky heroine who is not about to lie down and be beaten by one little set-back. It features a mysterious woman named Linda who intrigued me so much I'm currently putting the finishing chapter to her story. Honey's story is packed with ideas and themes garnered from a lifetime of reading and writing, a fascination with English country lore and myth, theories of creativity, luck, chance and causality. I had a wonderful time writing it so, it's the book of the day, available for pre-order and due out very soon. This story is for 18 readers, and if you happen to read and enjoy it, there are three more in the series out now and, at the time of writing, three more in the publication pipeline, two in "resting" mode, one awaiting its last couple of chapters and one due to be written at some point this year. 

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