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Snack Attack!

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Snack Attack! (Post 148)

Snack Attack! (2001) is one of the books I wrote using the Jigsaw Writing technique I demonstrate in workshops. It is related to the Bandinangi Books series, and also to Post 69, My Father the Mad Professor in that it stars Erica Query and her parrot Quintus and Jeremy Archer. Professor Query has been trying to make snacks to enhance intelligence. The funding has run out, but he lends Jeremy and Erica the snack machine to use at their school fete. This comes about partly because the school expects Erica to provide something to sell, and since her father is too vague to worry about money, she's not sure how to afford it. 
The problem with the snacks is they taste terribly bland, so the prof gives Erica blueberry flavouring. Inevitably , something goes wrong and somehow the purple gloop left over from the intelligence experiment is substituted. The snacks are a big success, until they start escaping from the packets. Well, naturally. They're intelligent and they don't fancy being snacked-upon.  Eventually, all ends well when the snacks are repurposed and repackaged into pur-pets!

Initially, this story was called The Angry Snacks, but it was retitled Snack Attack!, complete with an exclamation mark.

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