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The Bunyip's Lair

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The Bunyip's Lair (Post 137)

The Bunyip's Lair (2001), is the story of Elvie, newly rrived in the colony of New South Wales with her grandmother. Papa has been there for over a year, making a home for them, and Elvie finds everything new and exciting. Grandmother, who is probably not Papa's own mother, is unimpressed with the slab hut. Even her bonnet looks angry. During the first days while Grandmother recovers from the journey, Elvie meets Jennie Apple, their only near neighbour. Jennie is a Scotswoman who sings about her work. She tells Elvie the story of the bunyip. Elvie decides to seek the beastie out, and one day her patience is rewarded by a strange creature which is a mix of bird and mammal. Elvie is thrilled, but it is not a bunyip. Papa says Elvie was lucky to see a duck-billed platypus.
Grandmother is offered the chance to return to England, but she chooses to stay. Elvie might not have seen the bunyip yet, but she's still hopeful.
This is one of the books written under a pseudonym; Edward E.B. Cracker. It is one of three books (so far) featuring the word "bunyip" in the title. The others are Bunyips Don't (Post 23) and The Bunyip Wakes (Post 25). I did write a sequel to Bunyips Don't and planned one for The Bunyip Wakes, but neither was published.

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