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Spiral Stairs

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Spiral Stairs (Post 150)

Spiral Stairs (1999) is a companion title to Blue Gold (Post 142). Erin Hiburnia doesn;t know her dad very well because he's an architect and keeps getting moved around to different locations. Erin has lived in many countries, usually at school as a weekly boarder. She finds it difficult to pin Dad down to answering any questions. When Erin is twelve, Dad moves her to Australia where she is to go to Bandinangi Highschool and live with Dad while he works on a big project. And what a project it is! The house Dad is building is enormous and complicated.  Erin is suspicious (and rightly so) when Dad gives her a ball of wool to find her way about. It turns out Dad is a runaway time-traveller who has overstayed his time in 2004. He has to go home when he's finished his list of projects and he's making certain this one will never finish. Erin meets her older self, (one week older) determined to persuade Dad to go home... 
This story has echoes of Greek myth (the labyrinth on Knossos), reality (someone did once build a never-to-be-finished house and classic sci-fi (in this case, By His Bootstraps, by Robert Heinlein. It also plays with names and naming, with characters called Niall, Erin and Autumn Hiburnia and also Albia and Cambria. There's quite a bit going on for such a short book!

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