Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Witch

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The Witch (Post 138)

The Witch (1987), dates for the time before witches became unpopular subjects for school readers. This little story, though, told in rhyme (something else that later became unpopular) is less about witches than about perception and hearsay. Children tell one another tales of the witch that lives in our street... and add that various children can attest to the truth of each assertion because... "X has, (seen this), well, he nearly has, at least he..."

The story culminates in the children convincing themselves that "the witch that lives in our street has cast a spell on Jan. "We know she has. We're sure she has. That's why she calls her.... Gran."

It's not only the subject that dates this story. How many children are called Jan these days? And how bizarre that I can quote the last stanza over thirty years after writing the story?

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