Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to Handle a Vivid Imagination

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How to Handle a Vivid Imagination (Post 144)

How to Handle a Vivid Imagination (1987) is a tall tale of a story, told by a narrator, addressed to you. If your vivid imagination runs away with you and you find yourself... is the premise of each episode. The scenes, involving sharks, Bengal Tigers, a Wicked Wizard of West Wooloomooloo, an old woman wearing a Snow White is an Enemy of Society tee-shirt, an earthquake and cannibals are painted in dire and cumulative detail, and our narrator then, having whipped up the terrible situation to the Nth degree, defuses the it in a few lines, recommending pole vaulting, pretending to be a film director, declaring an allergy to apples, claiming Tarzan as your big brother and teaching sharks the backstroke. All well and good until we come to the scene involving a toad... then- you might as well give up. You've had it.

This bit of subversive fun was suggested by an editor with an idea. I asked why she didn't develop it herself and she replied airily that she was an editor, not an author... How to Handle a Vivid Imagination was an early recorded book, released as part of a set of audio cassettes for schools. I still remember the background music.

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