Friday, 19 May 2017

That's Enough

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That's Enough (Post 139)

That's Enough (1989), is a picture book based on the simple premise of a boy who is supposed to be keeping his little sister out of trouble. He wants to read his book, so when she asks if she can build a cubby house in the living room, he agrees... as long as she doesn't make a mess. The cubby house grows as ever more items are added, and with every addition our hero lifts his gaze briefly from his book to say, "That's enough," before "I went back to my book." The adding of each new item is preceded with a cumulative roll-call of the earlier items, and there is a kind of casual rhyme and rhythm as the metropolis rolls on. It's not until Little Sister adopts "my pet puppy" as "her cubby house guard" that the boy really reacts... by visiting her in her castle.

That's Enough is about tenacity, the addictive nature of reading, lip-service to discipline and getting long lines read out aloud without gasping for breath. It's quite fun. There's a very interesting quote on the back of the book from the illustrator. I'd quite forgotten that until I got out the book to photograph the cover for this blog.

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