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Maya the Adventureless

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Maya the Adventureless (Post 140)

Maya the Adventureless (2001), was originally named Watch Dog and starred the Archer family from the Bandinangi Books series. It is very much a Bandinangi-style story. It was originally narrated by Rachel, Justin took the "Nick" role and Jeremy, the "Alexander" role. Granny, Grandpa, Peabrain, George and Mellie retain their own names and personalities.
I am not sure why the three children were renamed, but possibly it had to do with a requirement to use a pen name, in this case, Patrick Farrell. 

The story is about Maya, who complains that she never has adventures. This is a feature in One Weird Week, Post 56, in which both Jeremy and Justin have weird adventures while Rachel missed out. In this story, Maya's lack of imagination is mentioned, and she gets into a bet with Nick that there is/is not, something weird down Ticking Lane. This is a cumulative story as Maya get trapped in the attic of Clock House by a mysterious dog and, as each family member comes looking for her, each gets trapped in turn. The clues about the dog are there in the text, allowing alert readers to work it out. This is one of my favourites of this series and I wish I could remember why we made the changes.

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