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The Cat Burglar of Pethaven Drive

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The Cat Burglar of Pethaven Drive (Post 141)

The Cat Burglar of Pethaven Drive (1996) is a follow-up to 1987's What a Day! Once more it's told in the first person by Mr D. It begins with a howl of joy as Mr D's worst enemy, The Walking Dogfight, departs in a van for his new home. This leaves Mr D with his second-worst enemy, The Mean Monstrosity, but as he knows The Mean Monstrosity's embarrassing real name, he's sure he can cope.
Alas, The Mean Monstrosity is out for revenge.
Meanwhile, a new pet moves into The Walking Dogfight's old home. This is Sylvester Slink, a cat the colour of a school sock, twice as long and half as deep as a dachshund, with eyes the colour of ripe bananas. Sylvester Slink is obsessed with washing, and, unlike most cats, he doesn't object to the rain. When food items start disappearing in Pethaven Drive it's evident a cat burglar'a at work and Mr D and Sylvester Slink team up to discover the culprit.
     It was fun to revisit Mr D, the Missus and the crankiest ginger cat this side of Bandinangi. The artful illustrations are great fun, too.  

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