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Parroty (Post 132)

Parroty (1999), is another cockatoo story, told from more than one point of view. The story opens with Parroty, the school's pet cockatoo, wakes in his spacious aviary and squawks to encourage the sun to rise. Parroty loves company, and he can't wait for school to open. A eagle passing overhead brings Parroty's squawkfest to a stop, but the eagle greets him kindly as Little Brother and drops him a feather for a wish. Parroty wishes to be like his friend Gareth who has apples every day.

The school caretaker is startled to find a strange boy locked in the aviary. Peter Perrot is put in the caretaker's son's class. Gareth has his hands full keeping the amiably eccentric Peter out of trouble,, while also hunting for the missing Parroty. and as the week goes on, he begins to suspect the incredible. Could Peter, who loves swinging upside down, eats apple cores and bites bits on pens really be Parroty in human form? Peter acknowledges this, and urges Gareth to wish to "feather up and fly!" Gareth is afraid. Meanwhile, the school teachers are growing concerned about Peter. They're about to call child welfare. Can Gareth and Peter finish their week of friendship? Will Gareth finally get the courage to feather up? The answer is yes, and Gareth's perfectly truthful essay about his experience gets him high marks, and an unwanted lecture on allegory.

Parroty, by the way, takes place in the Bandinangi/Kissenhurst world.

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