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The Curio Cabinet

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The Curio Cabinet (Post 147)

The Curio Cabinet (2016) is a collection of verse celebrating (what else?) an eclectic selection of curios collected over fifty years.
I've always liked figurines. My great-aunt had a collection of china dogs when I was a child. My mother had a china spaniel, a gift from my dad when they were first married. I don't know why and it's too late to ask them now, but I suspect it was in memory of Mum's little dog, Penny, who so resented the tall lanky soldier who'd taken her mistress's attention.  I started collecting in childhood, and I was always quite choosy. This made life a little difficult when well-meaning friends gave me a piece for my collection because there was a strong chance it wasn't quite what I liked. For the record, I liked china, (not resin), and I wanted animals to be in natural colours and natural conformation. Mum had a collection of Bambies, and many of these were big-eyed and cutesy; not me at all. 
This collection of verses about my collection concentrates on just a few pieces. These include the following.

The Lady, a china lady, a gift from my husband
The Adopted Dog, a mid 20th C piece that was an uncanny match for two pieces I had already. This was a market find
The Treasure Chest, a small glass and metal chest. This was a gift from an online friend. I've never seen anything like it before or since.
The Honeymoon Giraffe, a metal giraffe, purchased on our 1979 honeymoon. I think we got it in St Helens.
The Sugar Crock, a  blue and white china crock, a gift from a deceased friend named Dorothy.
The Seal, a metal letter seal, a childhood gift from Mum's cousin.
The Kissing Cousins Cat, a china cat, bought - I think - in the '80s. I used its image in my book Kissing Cousins.
The Auction Dog, a metal spaniel, (bought 
at auction in the '70s.
The Wedding Dress Doll, a wedding doll, made by Roma, a family friend, and dressed in blue to reflect my own dress.
The Cream Siamese, a china cat, gift from a childhood friend named Derris.
Two White Horses, white china horses, bought in the 1970s, possibly from the old Coles Variety Store.
The Jesus Donkey, a pottery model, bought - I think - in the 1980s.
Sweet Seventeen, a Beswick cat, bought from a jeweller in the mid 1970s. This was the first "good" piece I ever bought.
The Godmother Ducks, bone china ducks, a childhood gift from my godmother Josie, and one of the earliest pieces.
The Gossiping Cows, blue and white china, bought in the '80s.
Mama Zebra, china, bought in the '70s - '80s.
Zeb Jnr, china, market find, 1990s
The Genie Bottle, metal. No memory of how or when I acquired it. 
Poddy, a painted tile. A gift from my friend Ngaire in my teens. The little painted dog was my real life pet.
Horses of Quartz. Quartz figurines, probably bought in the 1970s from a book shop.
Jacks (Elite) Elite Pottery dogs, bought online in the 2000s

The verses range from rhymed metrical verse to more conversational pieces. They were written over quite a long period. I didn't submit them to any publishers, because they are personal, and definitely not commercial. Nevertheless, I brought them out in a limited colour edition in 2016, just because I could. 

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