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The Lost Shoes

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The Lost Shoes (Post 126)

The Lost Shoes (1997),

In the third story about sisters Alice and Laura, the girls are getting ready for school. Laura is fully dressed but Alice has lost her black shoes. Alice's search is punctuated with Laura's repeated pleas to, "Hurry up, Alice". 

There are clues in the pictures as to where Alice's shoes are, but it's not until Dad helpfully points out a pair of red shoes on a chair and Alice says they're not hers, but Laura's, that the answer dawns on Alice herself. If Laura's red school shoes are on the chair, what does Laura have on her feet?

Alice reclaims her shoes from her sister and then Laura has to put on her red ones. "Hurry up, Laura," says Alice.

This is a twist on the old "your glasses are on top of your head" problem. In passing, I note this is I appear to have used the name "Laura" only in this set of books, whereas I've used the name "Alice" several times. I thought I'd used it for three characters, but when I looked it up, this is what I found. 
Alice – Laura's big sister. ELLA, THE LOST SHOES, PARROT SEED.
Alice – maid who helps Anna Kelly in the tea room.  ANNA'S OWN. (Post 8)
Alice MacCrystal – Julia's weird cousin in WELCOME TO THE WEIRDIE CLUB. (Post 9_
Alice Marsh – married into the Spinks family. ONE WEIRD WEEK. (Post 56)Alice MacDonald Campbell / McKenzie –. KISSING COUSINS and HEATHER & HEATH
Alice – major character in VOLUNTEERS BEGIN AT HOME. (Post 93)

I also discovered two people called Alicia and three called Alison. If you think that sounds bad wait until we get to the Jennies!

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