Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Which Way Out?

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Which Way Out? (Post 122)

Which Way Out? (1998), is one of a linked set of stories about Teena and her brother Marcus and their cousin Josh. This follows on from Great! in that it happens during the same camping holiday. Once again, Josh is nursing Old Bear in the playground while Marcus races about climbing, sliding and swinging. Josh uses the lower equipment and after a few efforts to encourage him, Marcus lets him be. Then Marcus runs into the maze and gets to the centre but can't find his way out. He calls Josh but Josh can't see into the maze. Josh climbs the baby slide but he still isn't high enough. Finally, Josh's desire to help his cousin overcomes his fear of heights. He climbs onto the high slide, directs Marcus out of the maze and then slides triumphantly down.

This is another simple story of two boys the same general age but with differing personalities. Marcus isn't a bully, and despite their differences, the boys are good friends. I got myself lost in a maze once but luckily I was a good deal older than Marcus!

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