Monday, 29 May 2017

Monster Bait

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Monster Bait (Post 149)

Monster Bait (2001) is vaguely related to Selka (Post 14) It's not set in the Atland Islands, but in the Cameron Islands, but it's recognisably the same world because "sea sight" is mentioned. Jessica and Daniel go with Dad to the island where they camp in a spot a friend of Dad's knows. He suggests they should watch out for magical sights, and of course Jessica is the one to see the monster.

She and Daniel lay monster bait to lure it into camera range, when when they get a good look at the monster they make a bizarre discovery.

Although the monster turns out to be a couple of mischievous locals having fun, Jessica is not disappointed. She knows there's magic in the islands. She just has to open herself to find it. This, like Selka, is an Edward. B. Cracker title, and it was illustrated by Janine Dawson, who later illustrated the Jack Russell, Pet Vet and Pup Patrol series.

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