Wednesday 1 May 2019

Glossary Terms H

Glossary Terms H

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the H entries as of April; 2019


Hackney Homestay. The country guesthouse (with cottages) run by Philippa d’Chevalier and her husband Sebastian.

The Harvest Hob. A pub in Adelaide- location of a gate to the chalklands. Red brick, est. 1839. Run by licensee Nathanial Applebee and Sheelagh Chalk Sunshower The Adelaide gate is there, leading onto the chalk lands. The hotel has three rooms for overnighting. Room 1 is actually over there. Rooms 2 and 3 are over here.

Heart cake: heart-shaped cake, glazed, and tasting of cherry, roses and orange, made by Mistress Tasskie and Mistress Tapestry on Summer Island

Heather Island. An island in the star pin archipelago. The third island Betony visits. It is windy and rocky and mantled with blooming heather. Wild deer browse there and there is a pool called Glass of Truth in Gaelic. Kelpies are said to frequent it.

Heather gems: Pinkish purple gemstones found in the rock of Heather Island. They glow in the slightest light. They work loose and braeside laddies like to give them to their forevers.

Henry Dark Rescue Services; The name under which Henry Dark trades. Dedicated to rescuing kamikaze businesses from their own foolishness.

Highland Fling. A book Betony read; evidently a historical romance.

Hob’s cottageJust over there from the honeymoon cottage, entered by the oak door. Rustic but beautiful. Lanterns, a kitchen with a blond wood table and a larder, a couch that folds out for a bed, an all in one small table, fairy ring quilt made by Iris Cottman. Ash key door that leads up to the cliffs or down to the orchard. Hob and Honeycomb enjoy their undertaking there. Honey and the Harvest Hob

Hob’s island. Just visible out to sea from the boat house Over There. A low green island with a stone hut. Mattress made from feathers and dry sea weed, quilts in the press. A small but flourishing vegetable garden. Hob and Honey picnic there and spend the night.  Honey and the Harvest Hob and Jisinia and Zach spend time there in Man Overboard

Hob’s orchards. Hob Cottman has at least two orchards. One is a pretty grove of saplings. The other is mature and fruiting.

Honeymoon cottage A storybook cottage in extensive grounds. A Vouch-Safe property. Near the sea. Honey and the Harvest Hob

Honey Mooned Honeycomb Bakewell's blog

Honey's flat. A small flat attached to Van Dyk Performing and Presentation College of the Arts. Honey lived there before moving over there.

Hook-Up. A dating site Jojo uses and Flori considers. Green Balls ​and ​Floribunda and the Best Men

Hudson Street Cafe. A café where Sam Silver goes. The waitress there ejects her for ordering just a glass of water over several hours  ​Sam and the Sylvan 

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