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Glossary L-M

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the L-M entries as of May; 2019

Langskipland; A fjiordfee settlement where Sighilda Lund was born

Leeklands Valley A place in the valleys, where the teg live. Original home of Seren Starsinger. The Courting of Eileen

Leprechaun colleen A female leprechaun. The colleens generally have pale skin and rosy cheeks. They can "pass" quite easily, so quite a few live permanently over here.

Leprechaun gossoon A male leprechaun, especially a young one. They are generally small men, and have a greenish cast to their skin that makes it difficult to "pass".

Leprechaun music Includes tunes such as Tossing the Tattie, On the GreenDown in the Clover, and Eileen Tír na nÓg

Lily – Jordana Dane’s second solo album

The Local Clinic Near the Bakewell place, close to Peckerdale Grene. Si works there as a New Age healer. Mentioned in Honey and the Harvest Hob and Pen and Ink

Marry Me A tune Tab Merriweather composed for Josefa.

Lovie Term used by leprechauns for their chosen man/woman. They pledge to be one another's "forever". This is often facilitated by a hurry-up charm made by the colleens and a charmed horseshoe by the gossoons. Kieran and Tally conformed to this, but Eileen and Sean did not. They pledged without charms.

Loving touch The informal name for Si Bakewell's talent for healing

Lutes, Flutes and a Tumble in the Hay is the Flowdown code for Courtesan’s latest album


The Magic Cat; Pen Swan Inkersoll’s book. Le Chat Magique in a French translation

Manifestation (aka mani or manifest) The state of being in which a fairy is changed according to his/her nature. All titles. Manifestations seen or alluded to so far include Christmas Elf (Niall Le Fay), Midsummer Knight (Piers Le Fay), Harvest Hob (Hob Cottman), Fairy Queen ​(Honey Bakewell), Fix-It Pixie (Peck Grene), Queen Bee, Easter Bunny (Derry Warrener), Cottage Flower Fay (Iris Cottman), Stealth Cat (Duffy Inkersoll and Rory Inkersoll), Lace Fay (Skye Bakewell), Fairy Godmother (Ryl Merriweather),  Knight of the Summer Court (Gervaise St Clair), Highland Clansman (Hamish McTavish), Kitchen Fay (Niamh and Helene Inkersoll), Stable Hob (Niamh's man), damsel (Matilda du Fen). Others, such as the sylvan and tree maids, are more extreme to the point where they are the manifestation.  Some manifestations are seasonal, lasting for a few days or weeks each year.

Marieke’s Kleine Nederlanden Tulip farm and attraction managed by Marieke Merriweather in the mid 1980s. Tom and Ryl work there briefly.

Marshmen; a collective term Illya Marsh gives to her husband Kevern, her brothers-in-law Caden and Yestin and their father Drew. Louise Hardy adopts it and decides and and Illya will be Marshwomen.

Midsummer Court. The part of Over There where the court fairies live. They hold balls and formal gatherings

Mighty Tough. Brand of condoms Annabel has in The Kissing Ring (1985)

Million Dollar Mansions The posh area in Tasmania where Annabel and Mish Verhoven live in the 1980s. Mish claims they’re house-sitting for her grandfather. The Kissing Ring,

Mistress, Master, Lad, Lass, Maid, Man- all terms of address, the first two are often used with a first or surname after them.

Music at Macquarie A festival held in March 2020. Courtesan plays there and Louise meets Illya and is eavesdropped upon by Kev and Yes.

Mutable Fay. Fairies who can change shape, colour, aspect or sex when they manifest

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