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Glossary N-P

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the N-P entries as of May; 2019

No harm. Disclaimer or reassurance used by some fay when grabbing or holding a stranger. They use it when holding hands with someone for the purpose of guiding him/her through the gate, or occasionally to deflect a jealous pixie or settle some possible misunderstanding. Tane uses it when Dog-Jory is upset with him for hugging Linda. Tom uses it to settle Mal, and Jin Peckerdale and Si both use it for Zach.

Norlands: Fjiordfee territory

Number 16 Ridgeway Road, inhabited by Annie, the community watch leader. Mentioned in Pen and Ink

Nutmeg Surprise  possibly served at Fee Kaffee, though Martina might be joking.


Oil of sweetwood, Oil distilled from the bark of the sweetwood tree. Has the typical sweet smell. It’s colourless and easy to mix with other things. It’s one of the ingredients Lore Mor Arlodh added to his grandsire’s salve to make it nicer to use.

Oileán an Ghrá (Island of Love) or Bodhran Island. A green island in the Star Pin where the leprechauns go for ceilidhs and the courtfolk go to dance.

On Christmas Eve in the Morning: a carol Quinn wrote for Yvanne on their wedding night

Over Here/ Over Here. Both a place and a term. If characters are in the fairies' home world (not Fairyland, but a place where the more extreme manifestations live full time) they refer to it as Over Here. If int he human world, it is referred to as Over There.

Over Here B&B Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of Patterdale, run by the Peckerdale/Grene families. Mal and LeeLee, Alex and Kris work there in the 1980s. Jin and Quinn manage it in 2018-

Over There/ Over There. Both a place and a term. If characters are in the fairies' home world (not Fairyland, but a place where the more extreme manifestations live full time) they refer to the human world as Over There. If in the human world, it is referred to as Over Here. Over There, from the human perspective, is a place where mobiles, cars and other modern tech don't work.

Patterdale. Suburb where Peckerdale Grene Community Tower is. Hosts the Counterpoint Music Festival

​Peckerdale Grene Community Tower  A tall block of flats owned by Peter and Pia Peckerdale and Peter and Gentian Grene. Staff includes granddaughter Ryl Merriweather and her human husband, Tom, who is a doorman. Peck Grene lives in one of the family flats. Includes a luxury studio flat on the top floor with a spa room. Also a community lounge with a kitchen serving soup and bread, an extensive green belt with a gate to Over There. Peckerdale Grene tends to repel those with bad intentions. Green Balls and Pen and Ink

Pen’s house. Number 19 Ridgeway Road, Appledore. A house in a quiet street. Has a pleasant back garden. Pen lived there with her husband and now works from home as an illustrator. Currently inhabited by Pen and Duffy Inkersoll and their twins Llew and Dove. Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink. Pen Inkersoll’s imprint

Pelican Gallery. A gallery near Van Dyk  Performing and Presentation College of the Arts at which Jake Peters shows his work. Honey and the Harvest Hob
Pink Fandango – pink drink with rose petals and ice, served to dancers at Cats’ Pyjamas in Calico Calypso

Pink Flamingo – possibly also a drink served to dancers at Cats’ Pyjamas in Calico Calypso. Kris Peckerdale considers it.

Pisky Business. A wish business started by Daveth Porthwellian and Jillian. Kit and Issy St Clair and Jory Pendennis worked there for a while. ​Pisky Business

Pisky coast; the coast below Treborrow
The Pisky Maid A ballet. Richenda dances the lead, and Tim and Amalie are second leads
Pisky miss/ Pisky minx. Female pisky. Illya Marsh suggests some of them are Pisky bitches

Pisky Waters Jewellery line belonging to Tane Pendennis

PitchPerfect. A party boat for hire. Zach sails on it and jumps off it

Pixie britches: Short trousers pixies sometimes wear

The Pixies’ Christmas aka The Pixies’ Carol; A fay Christmas carol both Yvanne and Quinn know

Pixie dust. Pixies use this to facilitate matters or sometimes to remove memories. The ethical ones use it only with the dustee's permission... though Peck does dust a publican who refuses to check his ID. He later uses it with permission in Man Overboard. Jin Peckerdale also uses it

Pixie grip. A disconcerting habit pixies have of holding on to their lovers while they sleep. Ryl Merriweather, who is a halfling pixie, wasn’t sure if she had it or not. As her husband Tom discovered, she did. Ryl’s mother Melody certainly did, as did Melody’s mother Pia. Peck Grene was worried about its effect on his fiancée Chloe when they started sleeping together.
Pixie forest. Forest area where pixies, treefolk and Oash the sylvan live.

Pixie Helper. A small business Si Bakewell started to get savings for his Wish-Match account. Wish-Match, The Kissing Ring

Pixie knickers Short pants

Pixie miss. A female pixie

Pixie pants Soft loose pants around knee-length. Worn by pixies and sylvan of both sexes

Pixies’ Christmas – a fay Christmas carol favoured by Quinn Peckerdale

The Pixies’ Gavotte- A dance Yvanne Skipton was going to teach Tab Merriweather at the 2016 Skipton Manor ball on Christmas Eve.

Pixie shoes Soft moccasin-style shoes favoured by pixies and sylvan

Plumb-Bob. The name on Deek Caffrey’s white van in 1986

Printme A business that prints leaflets and business cards in the early 2000s Daveth gets the Pisky Business fliers done there.

Pull-me-down. A top worn by leprechaun colleens

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