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Glossary T-W

Glossary Terms T-W

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the T-W entries as of May; 2019


Tango’s Vineyard
The vineyard Tango Merriweather has via tree rule over there. It’s quite near Quinn’s enchanted valley house. Tango’s crop goes mostly to Summercourt, but he gives some to people who have helped him…including Quinn
Tattie Pastie – potato paste; one of the ingredients in the flakey rolls Rogier makes
Le Théâtre de la Pantomime Anglaise A theatre in France where Promise Grene worked backstage
The Thicket Oak : An odd oak tree at Erin a’ Fee.

Thrifty Buys. The cut-price shop where Frances buys the fairy doll Fairy on the Christmas Tree. Tab gets bamboo pillows in the Sydney shop

Thymelines: Kris Peckerdale’s gallery. Pen Inkersoll sells prints there.
The Tisdales. A TV programme Kay enjoys in the mid 1980s. The Kissing Ring

Topsy Investments Run by Lance Brill until its spectacular crash. Taken over by Mac Tilley. Betony Field works there, as did her boyfriend, Jay.
Topsy-Turvy Estate – associated housing where Betony has a second floor flat she used to share with Jay

Trace fay. A person with a quarter or less fay blood. They may have no idea they’re not fully human.
Trace pixie. A person with a quarter or less pixie blood. They generally don't use pixie dust and don't flush green.

Treborrow. Pisky village where Merryn Pendennis lives. Pisky Business

Tree maid/ tree lad. A fairy associated with trees. Heidi Ash, Sash and Tally Beech are tree maids. Empathetic and sweet-natured. Timbre Merriweather is friends with a tree lad with whom he has an arrangement to milk a cow in exchange for a share of the milk.

Tree rule If someone grows a tree or trees for seven years and no one objects, then that plot of land becomes his or hers by tree rule.
An t-slighe gaisgeil (the heroes’ road) a causeway between Heather and Bodhran Islands, passable only by a leap of faith at low tide. Betony traverses it with the piper.
Tulpenmanie. Bart Merriweather’s yacht. Man Overboard

Under-caves. Caves under the falls Si Bakewell visits in Wish-Matched

Undertaking The term harvest hobs use for a bedding and, by extension, a relationship

Van Dyk Performing and Presentation College of the Arts. College where Honey Bakewell works as a communications officer in 2017. She has a flat there.

Venus Bath Bar. The soap originally used by Annabel Verhoven The Kissing Ring
Vinterhester. Fijordfee winter horses.
Violet Veritas The perfume Kay wears in The Kissing Ring. Also worn by Ryl’s music teacher at St Dorothy’s College
Café Vouch-Safe. Corner Swift Street and Scuttle Lane in London. Run by Ishlene Chancery.
Vouch-Safe. A company offering vouchers for anything from a singing telegram to a honeymoon retreat. These are always mystery vouchers so those who have them never know where they'll be or who they'll see. They are collected and taken home by the Vouch-Safe vehicles - a pale blue car or a van with the logo in dark blue and curtained windows.

Want-you-so. A tropical tree with golden wood that is soft when green and hardens when dry. It is useful for making boats. The trees’ leaves are used for cloth and thatch, and the long, pendulous orange flowers exude nectar. Betony Field sees them on Arrival Island
Warmth, to give warmth...Term for something practised by waterfolk and some others, including Si Bakewell. It’s used to help deeply unhappy people.
The Water Carol; a fay Christmas carol that Yvanne Skipton played for Paris when he gave her the eight reed flute

Waterfolk/ water maid/ water lad. Fairies associated with the rivers, streams and falls. They are attracted by pheromones and love sex. They are happy and generous people, and are pleased to facilitate the use of their waters for other human or fairy lovers.

Wavefire The galleonfee name for phosphorescence around Dawn Island in the Star Pin

Wedden-choosen; fjiordfee ceremony
Wedden-house. A small stone house in Langskipland used by couples at wedden-choosen
What good may come...Term used in the hob ​undertaking ​ritual to imply acceptance of possible pregnancy 

Wish. Wishes can be processed/serviced only under quite strict conditions. Wishes can't be for concrete items or wealth. They are usually for experience or a state of being. In general a wish will be serviced (if at all) by the nearest available fairy who is capable and ethically able to do the service. Thus a monogamous fairy who is already committed can't and won't service a wish for someone truly desiring a one night stand. Wishes can be made by humans, hybrids and fairies. Sometimes they backfire.

Wish-matched / wish-match. If a couple come together in the service of a wish they may be together for more than the day of the wish. If the relationship develops, they are wish-matched. 

Woodlin A drum with three strings attached. A Sylvan instrument. Sam Silver and Tab Merriweather both play one.  Oash the sylvan has one which s/he plays with more facility than the others.

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