Tuesday 30 April 2019

Glossary terms G

Glossary Terms G

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the entries as of April; 2019


Galleonfee light speech. A signalling system between ships of the fair wind fleet and one another, or people ashore who understand it

Galw Câna calling song from the valleys. Kieran Shamrock played it for his children, not knowing it was a legacy tune from his distant ancestor Seren Starsinger. 


Geistbohne The alpenfee term for coffee beans. Literally, spirit bean

glainne fìrinn glan The glass of truth. A fairy pool on Heather Island

Green balls. A most uncomfortable state pixies can get into if the wisher they try to service rejects them or the wish. Peck thought it was a myth until it caught up with him

Green Cucumber Fresh Wash. The soap Kay Merriweather favours in The Kissing Ring

The Green Way. The area, both real and figurative, inhabited by the leprechauns. Comprises Shamrock Village, Paddytown and Cloddah among other places including Fiddle Town, KerryKenny and Crock o' Gold. Fiddle Town is where the colleens keep a bull for the use of folk who have a single cow.

Greenway Cottage; A cottage in Erin a’ Fee where Patrick Barley lives with his wife Modeste and her daughter Alice.

A griff teg A male teg from the valleys. Dai Daffydd is one.


A gwynny teg A female teg from the valleys. Ivy Davis is one. So is Owena Darkeyes.


Gypsied Light Upcoming Courtesan album – their third. They planned to record in after the tour.

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