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Glossary Q-S

Keeping people and terms straight is one of the challenges of writing a large series. Along with the compendium Lark's People, I keep a directory of places, things and terms. 

Here are the Q-S entries as of May 2019
Rabbit in Bunderland A  film from 2000. Pisky Business hires on as waiting staff for the wrap party

Recycle Sally’s The bo-ho boutique where Josefa works
Renoir Variations (ballet) An excerpt is performed at the Patterdale Music Festival, starring Flori Almaclair and Gervais

Emer Inkersoll’s ring box. (see EM)
The rockslides gateway. A gateway in Queensland
Rory Inkersoll’s cottage: timber and thatch with a low-fenced flower garden and shallow steps and crystals in the window. Tom and Ryl visit there in 1985 when Rory lives there with Emer and Duffy is visiting. Flori visits it with the best men in 2017, when Rory lives there alone, and Sheelagh Chalk conducts Tab and Josefa there in 2018. Sofia Silver goes to stay with Rory there. Jisinia Peckerdale visits Rory there looking for direction and Quinn and Yvanne go there to be married.
Rose Jordana Dane’s third solo album
Rosemaiden A “chick film” Ryl went to see at the cinema with her friend Kelly in 1985. Tom went with Mish, and Guy Popplewell with his little sister, who met “ a mate from school with her mum” and so Guy and Mish went out for popcorn and didn’t return.
Rose Wine; wine with essence of roses in it, made on Summer Isle. Betony and the summerman share some in the Coeur des Roses, the rose maze.
To rub up the green. Pixie and part pixie men can bring up the green colour on a forearm or pulse point by rubbing it.


Saint Dorothy’s College The school Ryl attends in The Kissing Ring. Natalia Echo goes there for a while as an “exchange student”.
Salve: A wonderfully effective salve that smells of seaweed in the sun. Invented by seaman Lore Mor Arlodh’s grandsire Mull for a braewife, who paid him with a suit of clothes he never wore. Lore uses it, but adds oil of sweetwood and “a few other things” to make it more pleasant.
Sandahl soap. Tom Merriweather’s preferred soap until the incident with Annabel The Kissing Ring
Scotch on the Rocks – a television program Betony enjoys

Seadown: A soft, feathery seaweed found on Arcadia Island. It is used for stuffing mattresses.
Servicing/ Servicer To do with wishes. A fairy who helps deliver a wish is a servicer.

Shamrock Village. A large village on the Green Way, where Eileen o' the Mist, Kieran Shamrock and the rest of the family live. Includes a green, a great hall, Kieran's cottage, Eileen's cottage, the dairy/byre, the forge where Grainne and her man live, the shamrock banks and a clover meadow.

Show-me-the-world; a computer site that gives a virtual tour of places.
The Sight
Mild clairvoyance. Some fay have it

Singing the tree A song charm hobs use to encourage healthy growth in trees and babies. ​Pisky Business 

Skipton Manor. Holds a Midsummer Ball in Midsummer Melody
The Skipton Swan
The Skipton family emblem

The Sky Pool. A beautiful pool, open to the sky, reached only be diving through a gap in the base of the falls. (Unless one falls from above.) Hob and Honey swim there. Honey and the Harvest Hob

The sky-roofed hut. Where McTavish takes Flori in Floribunda and the Best Men

Soul-cold. Despair or depression in fay

Soup. Soup is a feature of Peckerdale Grene Tower. It is on offer for anyone.
Souper room – Chloe’s name for the communal kitchen and dining room on the ground floor of Peckerdale Grene Community Tower. Serves soup, bread spreads, tea, coffee and ht chocolate

Spillikins – The English chain store where Betony buys her knickers in Betony Buys Adventure
Springyweed. A fluffy-seeded plant the fay use for stuffing matresses
Spritzer soap. Soap Mish Verhoven uses The Kissing Ring

Stable house: A house where Ancel lives a lot of the time on Île d'eté. He takes Suzette there after their wedding

Stag St. Martins: a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it village in England. Home town of Daniel Fanshaw.
Stag Stone. A standing stone a few miles from Stag St. Martins. Site of the Stag Stone gateway. The other side is Arrival Island.
The Star Pin  or Chain of Delight. An archipelago over there, reached by the Stag Stone gate.
Islands run east from Arrival to Arcadia Island, to Bodhran Island, to Summer Island (Île d'eté or  Isle o’ Samhradh), to Dawn. A central island is called Stella Iris
Station 41. A petrol station halfway between London and Stag St. Martin.
Stella Iris: A delightful jewel of an island in the Star Pin; birthplace of Foss Chancery
Straw Street – the club Cats’ Pyjamas is there in the 1980s
Studio – the music studio where 4Ts-Quad play. On the 7th floor of the tower and soundproofed. It has a small annex.

Summercourt Fairy Port. Port made at the Summercourt Winery in Victoria.
Summercourt Wines Winery/vineyard fifteen minutes from the B&B near Patterdale. Run by Roderick and Melody, with help from Kris and Alexander in the 1980s. Probably established to provide a believable provenance for Ryl while she was at school. Federation style house. Cellar shop. Combination of house and business.
Summercourt ‘85 – A white wine Kris orders for himself and Mimi at Cats’ Pyjamas in Calico Calypso. Made by Summercourt Wines.

Summerleigh Grange in Lilyfield, Adelaide. Nursing home where Sofia Silver, Beatrice Florin and her neighbour and sister in law Sib were.
Sunrise Carol: a carol Yvanne Peckerdale composed

Two black swans and their three cygnets live near the enchanted valley house

Swashbucklers. A karaoke club that runs an open mic swinging pirate karaoke night on Friday. Ike plans to perform. Duffy Inkersoll decides to take Pen along. Pen and Ink

Sweetwood. A kind of tree with soft, sappy but fibrous wood. Yields a sweet sap and can be made into flutes. See oil of sweetwood

Sweetwood flute. A very high-toned flute made from the sweetwood tree in the pixie forest. It requires a large hand span to play it. 

Sylvan aubade. A love song/lament which was Sofia Silver’s “our song” with Jessamine. Sofa learned it from her grandmother who presumably got it from her Sylvan lover

Sylvan. Fairies associated with the forest. They are laconic, kindly, and less mercurial than some of the more extreme nature fay. A sylvan looks young (a sixty-year-old may look twenty) because they age more like trees than like people. Sylvan can morph into either sex. Both sexes use the same name. Oash is a sylvan.

Sylvan tunic. A laced tunic in green, brown, cream or similar colour, form fitting, and very soft and comfortable. Laced at the side.

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