Saturday 4 May 2019

Counterpoint Questions

Counterpoint Questions is the second in the Counterpoint series.
In order they are:
Court in Between
Counterpoint Questions
Counterpoint Answers

I had a wonderful time writing this trilogy. It's stuffed with all sorts of things I enjoy; fantasy, romance, comedy, music, and sensible people doing peculiar things because it seems a good idea at the time.

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Counterpoint …and a fairy in the bed.
It’s complicated…

For the sake of two good men and a horse, Nanette entered into a pact with Sebastian d’Chevalier.
The fallout wasn’t immediate, but when it came, it echoed around the Counterpoint Music Festival and well beyond.
Louise and her brothers were a little bit pisky. When Court Leopold of the indie band Courtesan vanished, Louise wanted to know why. Then Yes Marsh, who was more than a little bit pisky, distracted her. It’s complicated.

Gemma, the Courtesan roadie, had just binned a dreadful breakfast when Henry Dark finally spoke to her. Next thing she knew she was in fairyland. That was really complicated!
And during all this drama, where was Court Leopold?

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