Saturday 27 October 2018

Perren's Unicorn Jar

Perren's Unicorn Jar: Object Post 130

Source: It came from the woman at Pet Kingdom
Significance: It was opaque, so Perren couldn’t see in
Related to? The unicorn jar has things in common with Arabella Dove’s Potty Coffee Jar, Julia McCrystal’s Haunted Binocular Case and Marcus Whippersnapper’s Squirming Brown Paper Parcel. It is also a bit like Frances Eckmann’s Bimboesque Fairy Doll

Go back to the counter while I put it in a jar.

Perren was allowed to choose a pet for his birthday. Dad had made him a wonderful cage. It fell to his bookworm big brother Bokkie to escort Perren to the pet shop and Bokkie, who read all the way, had no idea where they were going. When they reached the shops, Bokkie ducked into a book shop and left Perren to enter the next-door Pet Kingdom.
The odd woman inside divined he wanted something special and showed him a pocket unicorn. Perren wanted to hold it, but the woman refused. It was to be held only if he was buying.
Perren agreed, and the woman went to get a jar.
Perren met Bokkie outside. He had the unicorn jar in his pocket, but he declined to show his big brother in case Bokkie made him get a white mouse instead.
When Perren took out the jar at home, his hands were shaking.

It was wrapped in brown paper that seemed to be glued in place and the lid was covered in wax.

He was pretty much convinced he’d been tricked.

Perren tore at the paper with his fingernails. He managed to tear off a long strip. Then, holding his breath, he peered in through the slit.

It took some time to get the lid off the unicorn jar, and Perren soon found why it had been waxed in place. The pocket unicorn was loud and loquacious and if wax was good enough to stop up the sailors’ ears to block out the siren song in The Odyssey

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