Thursday, 4 October 2018

Marieke Merriweather's Mysterious Delphiniums

Marieke Merriweather's Mysterious Delphiniums: Object Post 112

Source? Marieke and Dennis grew them at Marieke’s Klein Nederlanden
Significance? The reason for these was never given
Fate? They were harvested for a specific purpose
Author’s inspiration? I heard about this use for delphiniums and had to include it

“That’s right. Fields and fields of flowers. A rainbow of them. They grow delphiniums too. You’ll never guess why.”
Ryl shrugged. Now it seemed she was the one who wanted to keep on track. “When would you come here to stay, then?”

Ryl Skipton and Tom Merriweather were in love. They wanted to be together for the rest of their lives, but there were problems. Tom lived in Tasmania, where he was studying architecture part time while working in his father’s firm. Ryl was still at school. They planned to live together as soon as Ryl turned eighteen or, in fay parlance, had enough years to be considered independent. Until then, they got by on a kissing ring commitment and met as often as they could. As the someday became not long now, they discussed logistics. Tom explained what he planned to do in October, which was to help out at his uncle and aunt’s tulip farm. He hoped Ryl would be intrigued, but she seemed more focussed on their future. As he discovered later she had been paying attention, but for now the answer to the delphinium mystery went unrevealed.
So, why did Marieke and Dennis grow delphiniums (aka larkspur), those tall, showy, blue, pink and white relatives of the common buttercup? Evidently the petals keep their colour when dried, making them an attractive eco-friendly alternative to confetti. They’re poisonous, like all members of this floral family, but who eats confetti anyway?


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