Monday 15 October 2018

Man Power in the Pet Vet series

Man Power in the Pet Vet series

The Pet Vet series comprises six stories about Trump the Jack Russell and her world. Trump is Jack Russell's daughter (from the Jack Russell series). To ring the changes from the Jack series, we used a female main team; Dr Jeannie Cowfork is a vet and Trump is her ALO. 

Just as the Jack series has some strong female characters 
to balance Jack, Foxie and Sarge, so Pet Vet has some males. Dr Max is Dr Jeanie's grandfather; a retired vet. He leaves Jeanie alone to get on with her work but sometimes drops by for a chat. His ALO (animal liaison officer) is the cockatoo Whisky, who is old, grumpy but interested in young Trump's progress in his own old job. He teaches Trump a fair bit, including the skills necessary to deal with clients who aren't dogs. The third man (or boy) is Davey, the young Saturday assistant, who loves animals and who often plays his part in helping deal with the non-medical side of the job. Apart from Davey, the Man Power characters are powerful only in their decades of experience, some of which is out of date. They share what's needed and then let the girls, vet and dog, get on with the job. After all, this is the girl (dog's) series!

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