Sunday 21 October 2018

Khloe, Daughter of Kristos’ alabaster armlet

Khloe, Daughter of Kristos’ Alabaster Armlet (Object Post 125)

Source? It was a gift from the goddess Demeter
Significance? It signified that Khloe was in Demeter’s service and under her protection
Fate? It was removed after the oopsie
Author’s inspiration? Arm rings look elegant but I have no idea how you keep them in place. Demeter solved that problem!

She took a delicate arm ring from the folds of her peplos. “I give you this as a symbol of our bargain. Wear it always.”
Khloe would never have fetched water from that spring if she’d known who it belonged to. She’d just  dipped her jar full when the goddess Demeter accosted her. Instead of smiting her, Demeter offered her a job.
I want you to serve as my daughter’s guard and companion. It will not be onerous. You will spend your days with my daughter and her maidens, playing with her, laughing with her, weaving garlands and keeping her from harm.
The arm band came as part of the bargain.

Khloe held out her arm to receive the gift. Accepting a gift from a goddess was unwise, but the consequences of rejecting it might be suicidal. Besides, she comforted herself, Demeter had no reason to harm her. Wasn’t she going to be a companion to her daughter? It wasn’t as if she did not know the ways of wilful maidens.
The armlet was a curious thing; not made from gold or gems but from translucent polished alabaster. Khloe put it on, sliding it up one slim arm almost to her shoulder, where it settled confidingly, almost as if it were part of her.     

Khloe came to regret that armlet almost immediately when Demeter told her one of the conditions of her service.

She reached for the armlet to remove it, but it resisted her fingers. She looked at it, and saw the pale band had become as part of her flesh.

She showed it to her mother and to her sister.

She fingered the translucent armlet, so delicate, so immoveable a part of her flesh.

She found out she wasn’t the only person to wear one of these symbols. Pelos, servant and messenger to the goddess, did also. He warned her against associating with Demeter but it was too late.
When Demeter’s daughter decreed her maidens should learn sparring from the Amazon women, the armlet caused a commotion.
She removed her clothing and ornaments as instructed. Lydis indicated her alabaster armband, but Khloe shook her head. “It won’t come off.”
Lydis tried to take hold of it and pull it off but when Khloe yelped with pain she looked more closely. “This is under your skin,” she said, producing a knife from a hip-sheath. “I will cut it out for you.”
Khloe shied away. “Lady Demeter put it on me,” she said. “She would be angry if I tried to remove it.”
“Iphito will be angry if you don’t,” said Lydis.
Kore, overhearing, raised her hand, and Khloe flinched. “Lydis, don’t alarm Khloe,” she said. “If Mother used an armlet to mark Khloe it can’t catch in a staff tip.”
“I am in charge here,” said Kore. “We have wasted enough time on this.”

The armlet had a nasty habit of reminding Khloe of the danger she was in and by the time she was rid of it, she was quite glad to see it go. She kept the pieces though, as a reminder…as if she needed one.

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