Friday, 19 October 2018

Diya Singh's Sandalwood Chest

Diya Singh’s Sandalwood Chest: Object Post 124
From Elysian Dawn

Source? Probably Diya’s family gave it as part of her dowry
Significance? It housed her treasured saree
Fate? It would have travelled to Shiva and then back to Terra
Author’s inspiration? It seemed the right thing to house a silk saree

More and more often she went to her sandalwood chest and unfolded the saree, a gorgeous confection of purple and gold silk.

Diya had kept her silk wedding saree and wanted it to be safe from damage. A sandalwood chest, probably part of her dowry, was just the thing. It would deter insects and keep the silk from becoming damp or musty in the heat of New Delhi.
It would also be something Diya could legitimately expect no one else to open, so her saree, and the knife she kept with it, would be exactly where she expected. She probably kept other things in the chest as well, though none of these are mentioned.

Elysian Dawn is the first book in the Elydian Dawn series. You can read more about it here.

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